(29) How does one get liberated

One goal liberation, many paths to it

Choose one that suits you best


Few intellectually endowed better

Engage in contemplation on Singular


Majority seekers live life normally

Do duty righteous, discard fruit totally


Withdrawing from life worldly

To retreat to forests lonely


But worldly desires still active

Holding one’s mind captive


Such a person can’t get liberated

Liberation is mind reformed


Be with family, but without desires

In total acceptance of life as it comes


Not reacting mechanically

To every desire worldly


But being aware and questioning

If a desire really needs fulfilling


Three gunas make our nature play

Surrender to Almighty only way


Giving up all desires and duality

Becoming one with Almighty


If you are very close to life worldly

You cannot understand it at all fully


Stand at a distance, detached

And you will feel liberated


Surrender to the guru self-realised

With mind, body and soul dedicated


Guru makes disciple’s perception special

Like Arjuna’s, to behold form universal


Gita specifies time right, wrong for dying

For liberation, but liberation is while living


Desire, anger, greed enemies three

Vanquish them for becoming free


Worshipping god with form is easier

Though worshipping formless is better


Worship is not about material used

Nor rituals elaborate, but mind focused


Without concerns of world external

With detachment, bhakti non-dual


This is a process gradual of practice

Needs persistence and patience


If such bhakti not possible for some

Then do karma giving up outcome


Dharma, adharma are immaterial

Surrender to One God is material


Matter not past deeds in life worldly

If one starts pursuing liberation sincerely






About kishorkulkarni

I am happily retired and enjoy writing and communicating with friends.
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