(27) What is liberation

Our body has senses physical

Designed for experiences dual


If I get pricked by a pin

Can I avoid feeling pain?


Cool breeze on a muggy evening

So pleasing and comforting


But sense experiences do not last

Here now, gone moment next


Why want pleasure, avoid pain

Knowing they won’t remain?


Dual reality of senses inevitable

But why have attachment mental?


Desire for pleasure, state painless

Keeps one stuck to lives endless


If no desire at the moment of dying

No need to return to life repeating


One liberated from desires while living

Is naturally also liberated after dying


One not believing in birth after death

Steady desireless mind, goal of worth


Going beyond bodily identity limited

Discarding doership, duality associated


Gunas are real doer is self-realisation

Merging with the Singular is liberation


About kishorkulkarni

I am happily retired and enjoy writing and communicating with friends.
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