(22) Non-doership

I performed action, this, that

To deserve this desired fruit


That’s doership avoidable

Karma bondage eternal


Opposite is idea of non-doer

Not me, but Divine is the doer


Acting thru’ me as instrument

For His purpose and object


Not doer, but a small contributor

Among many to the big picture


Non-doership concept spiritual

In worldly sense accountable


Duly punishable is a murderer

Though in his mind a non-doer


“Doing” by one, a consequence

Of unknown process complex


Concept of “I” created artificially

Then who is the doer really?


If result is good, to me all credit

If bad, someone else is culprit


Such “doership” convenient

Not at all spiritually right


We are like puppets on string

Almighty invisible controlling


Through gunas pre-programmed

Genes not consciously controlled


Against our mind is often our action

Who is the doer in such situation?


Non-doer not acting in action

Since Divine is the motivation


And acting even in non-action

No action being a contribution


Non-doership, desirelessness

Of the same coin two sides


About kishorkulkarni

I am happily retired and enjoy writing and communicating with friends.
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