(19) Karmayoga – 3

Om, Tat, Sat is mantra potent

To remember Singular Omnipotent


Say “Om” before starting action

Remember it is all for Creator alone


“Tat” while performing action

With no desire for its fruition


“Sat” to cover up defects in action

And duality of actor and action


Perform karma like fire ritual

Offering actions to Divine Eternal


That is how to purify worldly mind

For liberation from life unkind


Karmas as duties warranted

Should not be discarded


Karma towards desire worldly

Should be avoided completely


It forces experiencing fruit

Binding, whether sour, sweet


Don’t discard karma because it’s taxing

Don’t label good or bad karma, judging


Discard doership, fruit, not action

If one kills a thousand, it’s no sin


Robots driven we are by divine design

Mind reacting needlessly to will sovereign


Do not bother about future or past

Keep doing what is right in present



About kishorkulkarni

I am happily retired and enjoy writing and communicating with friends.
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