(18) Karmayoga – 2

On to fertile ground ripe fruit falling

New tree comes forth from seed living


Roasted seeds do not germinate

Desireless will not reincarnate


Outcome planned for efforts direction

Be not stuck with fruit expectation


Conditioned are our mind and intellect

That create our expectations imperfect


All influencing factors not visible

Making outcome unpredictable


Into a yajna, action be surrendered

Expect not fruit to be enjoyed


Just consequence to be experienced

Good, bad, indifferent, albeit forced


Forget fruit, but don’t shun action

That may halt the game of creation


Action is a part of big picture

Not for self but for the Creator


Karma continues by one Self-realised

For others as example to be followed


About kishorkulkarni

I am happily retired and enjoy writing and communicating with friends.
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