(9) Desires

Desires drivers of actions worldly

Saatvik, rajasik, tamasik naturally


Saatvik relate to spirit indwelling

Going to temple, mantra chanting


Rajasik desires all worldly rooted

For pleasures of sense, ego limited


Tamasik arising out of ignorance

Laziness, vainglorious, injurious


So long as desire is unfulfilled

Causes anger to rise in mind


Desires, anger obstacle greatest

In the path of a seeker earnest


Seeker should examine kind

Of desire arising in the mind


If saatvik, must act immediately

Lest interest may be lost shortly


Action on rajasik be postponed

On its own, it may get dropped


After a while, desire persistent

Fulfill it, but without attachment


Action on tamasik simply avoidable

For a seeker of liberation eternal


Suppress not though, any desire

Spring up it will sooner or later


Contemplate on what you will get

By fulfilling desire, what its worth


Gradually then, desires will weaken

Reducing actions desire-driven


Actions continue, divine-driven

Not binding like desire-driven


About kishorkulkarni

I am happily retired and enjoy writing and communicating with friends.
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