Essence of Gita philosophy in just 109 verses

Shri Bhavarth Deepika (more commonly known as Shri Jnaneshwari) is a commentary non pareil on Shrimad Bhagawad Gita by Sant Jnaneshwar. It is in old Marathi verse form (called owis) with over 9000 owis. A self-realised soul, Swami Swaroopanand of Pawas (Konkan, Maharashtra) selected just 109 owis out of these 9000+ owis and prescribed reading of them as a daily routine for his disciples. These 109 owis are called Shri Jnaneshwri Nityapaath. They contain the fundamental essence of the entire Gita philosophy and its daily reading can help remind the seeker of it so that it gets internalised over a period of time.

It is said that the Swami had presented more than one copies of this Nityapaath to some disciples again and again because he used to make out that the disciple was not reading it regularly!

I have “versified” the Nityapaath in English which is presented below. I hope non-Marathi seekers can make use of it as a daily routine and benefit from it by the grace of Sant Jnaneshwar and Swami Swaroopanand.

Shri Jnaneshwari Nityapaath


My obeisance to the primordial

Eulogised by Vedas knowledgeable

My obeisance to Self-perceiving

Pervading living and non-living


Oh God with head of elephant

You bestow all the intellect

Listen to me, Oh people

Says Nivruttinath’s disciple


My obeisance to Sharada goddess

Inspiring speeches four, enchantress

Exponent of wisdom smart

Goddess of all arts and craft


In my heart Sadguru ever dwelling

I survived deluge of life overwhelming

Hence I greatly respect

Discriminatory Intellect


In this dual creation physical

Omnipresent energy invisible

And it is accepted gladly

By philosophers saintly


Creation to destruction

Back again to creation

Relentless cycle perpetual

Like clock hands around dial


Walking along the paved way

Will certainly keep harm away

Walking in the lamp light

Won’t one stumble slight


Live life self righteously
Fulfill all desires worldly

Without any effort special

Oh Arjuna, the invincible


Not excited with happiness

Nor grievous with unhappiness

Neither wishing for gain

Nor fearing loss in vain


While acting appropriately

Totally self-righteously

Whatever one gets naturally

One should accept happily


I gave thought considerable

Arrived at conduct advisable

Avoid you should never

Karma appropriate ever


Never wish for one or other

Fruit of your effort whatever

Never indulge in karma malevolent

Remain engaged in deeds benevolent


Avoid attachment to fruit personal

Being in god consciousness total

Do all your karma sincerely,

Oh Arjuna, totally devotedly


If karma that you initiated

Fortunately gets completed

Do not feel elated much

Avoidable it is as such


Or for some reason inscrutable

Fruit remains unattainable

You should not get tense

Or feel unhappy thence


Action you perform any time

Offer it to God beyond time

Then it is surely successful

Understand this concept useful


Hence action appropriate

And warranted at present

Perform in a manner desireless

Totally sincere and selfless


Sticking to self-righteousness

Warranted action in god consciousness

Follow this and be very certain

That liberation you shall attain


Behaving self-righteously

No less than fire ritual daily

Be a self righteous performer

Sin will not accrue to you ever


One not being self-righteous

Indulging in actions erroneous

Will get bound verily

To the dual life worldly


So Arjuna, be self-righteous

That is fire ritual continuous

It will lead you to freedom

From bondage to dualism


Regard as Divine ordained

Karma that is warranted

Perform in god consciousness

And be steady minded doubtless


Oh Arjuna, that self-righteousness

Is the fount of non-dual oneness

It is service better than best

To Me, the soul omnipresent


Offering to God omnipresent

Flowers of action appropriate

If behaving self-righteously

Will please Him immensely


Whatever action comes naturally

And seems necessary presently

Should be performed sincerely

Only for My sake totally


Don’t think of yourself ever

As egoistic action performer

Nurse not expectation particular

Of outcome one way or the other


Be not attached to body physical

Do not succumb to desires sensual

Enjoy experiences good, bad, ugly

That may come your way naturally


Mind should be disciplined

To always remain unmoved

Let bodily organs function anyway

In whatever natural way they may


Coming into world kinetic

Bearing a body energetic

Yet to act, if one reluctant

Is surely totally ignorant


Look, Oh Arjuna, the bravest one

King Janaka and many a wise one

Performing appropriate action

Attained ultimate liberation


One who has become desireless

Can afford to be actionless

But to lead ignorant on path spiritual

Remains engaged in action physical


Leader of men without eyesight

Needs to be a man with eyesight

Righteousness revealed to people unaware

Through practice by the people aware


Whatever wise ones are doing

Is regarded as righteous living

In the footsteps of the wise

Follow the rest not-so-wise


Wise must not desist

But instead insist

On path of action pious

More sincere and righteous


Household lamp is totally passive

Though in its light, residents active

Engaged in actions, yet is detached

Pure consciousness of self-realised


A lotus leaf does not get wet

In water though present

In action wise ones engage

Yet remain free from bondage


The wise one having body physical

Experiences pains, pleasures natural

But I know him to be detached

And himself Singular unmatched


His body moves happily

For itself in life earthly

But his mind is unperturbed

Not at all getting disturbed


Crux of merger with Eternal

Is even-mindedness total

His discriminatory intellect objective

Synchronous with mind subjective


One whose mind internally

By itself happy constantly

How can any life eventuality

Cause him pain of duality?


If one’s stomach has a spring

Of divine nectar life giving

No thirst drives him helter skelter

Nor pangs of disturbing hunger


One causelessly happy internally

Can’t feel pain created externally

His intellect will be naturally

Steady in consciousness godly


Lamp kept inside a container

How can its flame quiver?

One merged with principle universal

Is totally focused on soul eternal


One who has no expectation

Of any reward for his action

Not shirking action warranted

Regard that person as liberated


No keenness for an action

Nor attached to its completion

Such motives that will bind

Can never enter his mind


In the fire of wisdom godly

He has burned actions worldly

He is incarnate God eternal

Human body in world physical


One wanting this wisdom perfect

To settle in his mind in earnest

Should devote his whole being

And worship wise saintly being


Those great souls self-realised

Are spiritual wisdom personified

Serve them with devotion selfless

Be blessed with wisdom matchless


To these saints, in surrender total

Body, mind, life at their disposal

Discarding bodily ego limited

Living at their behest, devoted


Precept will impart wisdom sacred

That seeker in real earnest prayed

Enlightenment he will be experiencing

All motives and objectives dissolving


Then with that divine perception

You will see all physical creation

Yourself and all – living, non-living

Eternally present in Me all-pervading


Guru’s grace full of benevolence

Will remove darkness of ignorance

Of me and mine, wrong and right

Self-realisation casting daylight


You may be confused immensely

By ignorance, attachments worldly

Engaged in sins perennially

Though you may be externally


All this is totally insignificant

Before wisdom omnipotent

Such is capability incomparable

Of powerful wisdom spiritual


This wisdom though seems little

From guru’s mouth in a trickle

Present in heart of seeker himself

Now starts getting revealed by itself


Smoke comes from fire

But smoke is not fire

From Me arises duality all

But I am not in them at all


Body made up of constituents five

Wrapped in threads of action live

On a wheel continuously moving

Of lives – birth and death unending


Blob of butter instantly melting

When put into the fire burning

In a flash, the body disappearing

Even before a fly flutters its wing


Body is like this, destructible

But the soul is indestructible

Soul is eternal and endless

And is also beginningless


Soul is neither everything, nor nothing

Neither doing anything, nor doing nothing

Neither slim, nor fat is the soul

Because It is beyond form all


Neither happy, nor unhappy

Neither one, nor even many

Neither bound, nor free, is Soul

For sovereign it is, Self universal


Wise with intellect discriminatory

Separating eternal from transitory

Themselves Supreme Singular

Oh Arjuna, no less, no more


Those souls knowing self real

Live happily in creation physical

With My form omnipresent

In their heart ever present


Whole universe is his dwelling

In such thought unwavering

His mind established firmly

Identifies with all universally


As additional glory crowning

My praise, they love chanting

So I respect them tremendously

Carrying like a crown proudly


It’s possible, I may not be found

In my divine heavenly abode

Neither in the universe created

Nor in the grasp of mind liberated


I who was so untraceable

Will surely be available

Where devotees sincerely sing

My heartfelt praises unending


Chanting My name holy

Unceasingly and heartily

Devotees in discussion mutual

Of nature of real self eternal


My sincere devotees are such

My name alone in their speech

My form alone, eyes beholding

About Me alone, mind thinking


Their ears are never idling

Praise of My glory not hearing

Just service to Me unrelenting

Is ornament they are wearing


They may be the worst sinners

Ignorant about holy scriptures

If they have surrendered to Me

Then they are no less than Me


If their mind merges with Me

In sincere devotion to Me

Matters not their past history

However sinful their life story


Streams flowing with dirty water

To merge with the Ganga river

When they merge with Ganga holy

They are regarded equally sacredly


Many different castes, genders

And people – pious or sinners

All distinction then vanishes,

When in Me, identity merges


Those born as sinning species,

Or as lower castes or females

Come to my abode transcendental

When they worship Me, God eternal


I understand only devotion

Without any distinction

I value devotion sincere

Without regard to procedure


Leaves, flowers, fruit offering

Ritualistic way of worshipping

I regard them as utterly useless

If done with mind devotionless


Not seeing beings as distinct

With Me alone in his sight

Self-realised sees enemy nowhere

Worships everything everywhere


He experiences God eternal

In everything that is ephemeral

Such is the devotee unenvious

Self realized and god conscious


Merge your mind in Me

Sincerely sing praise of Me

See everywhere Me alone

And worship Me, God Lone


He is my devotee greatest

Mind focused on Me Highest

His desires, fears worldly

Having vanished completely


Your mind thus filled by Me

You will become one with Me

This is my secret excellent

Shared with you, warrior valiant


Offer to Me with all sincerity

Your mind-intellect integrity

Then it’s My promise Godly

You will attain Me surely


You may have inability

To surrender your trinity

Namely, your mind, intellect

And subconscious deep set


Then there is an alternative

Just a brief moment attentive

In a day of worldly disturbance

Devote to my remembrance


That momentary bliss supreme

You will experience sublime

Your mind will start detesting

Sense pleasures so far binding


Moon full on full moon night

Goes on reducing every night

Vanishing totally after a fortnight

On the darkest moonless night


Mind sunk in pleasures worldly

Will start coming out gradually

And conscious of god eternally

It will merge with Me totally


Look, nothing is ever impossible

If one’s practice is sustainable

Merge he will with Me spectacular

Engaged in spiritual practice regular


About mind, one good thing

To whatever it takes a liking

It gets addicted to it naturally

Let it experience Me blissfully


Senses forcibly merged with mind

With life forces, merges the mind

Life forces merging in nothingness

Such is seeker’s spiritual progress


His practice happens on its own

Body transcendence on its own

Arriving at dwelling of his mind

Making it transcend world unkind


One discarding desire and anger,

Greed and wants ceasing never

Such a seeker is deserving

Of God’s ultimate blessing


The great mantra liberating truly

“Om Tat Sat” from bondage worldly

Takes seeker to place unreachable

Wherefrom is lit up creation dual


Giving up identity as bead of gold

Fundamentally becoming just gold

Or a wave becoming one with water

Surrender to Me likewise, Oh Seeker



Merge with me, forget false identity

Worship sincerely, Me the Almighty

Then you will get that wisdom special

Nothing but perception truly non-dual


Of pure intellect, mind pious

One with Me, never blasphemous

To him I am happy to preach

Secret knowledge out of reach


These qualities present in none

Other than you, I am certain

So how can I hide this secret

From you, Oh warrior valiant


Who shares with devotees reverential

This Gita knowledge confidential

He is to them like the mother

Who is to her child, life giver


One who respectfully presents

This Gita to My devotees

Merges with Me in My abode eternal

On leaving earthly world ephemeral


This is what Shri Krishna said

Who is all forms personified

With His eyes seeing everything

Omnipresent pervading everything


Experience it, senses uninvolved

Appreciate dialogue, unexpressed

Understand concept, unworded

So great is this Gita unparalleled


By ascetics, this Gita is desired

By saintly souls, it’s experienced

Self-realised discarding duality

Get engrossed in this spirituality


This Gita is wisdom universal

Essence of all literature spiritual

It facilitates an easy acquisition

Of jewel, namely self-realisation


Cow gives milk for its calf dear

To whole household, brings cheer

Arjuna was the target intended

Of preaching, but world benefited


May this offering of words spiritual

Please omnipresent God eternal

May He grant my prayer selfless

A handful of benediction causeless


May the evil shed intent malevolent

May they like deeds benevolent

May He inspire beings one and all

To engage in universal love mutual


Then sadguru, Almighty incarnate

Granted this prayer heartfelt

So, Jnanadev became very pleased

With this divine blessing desired


I have offered the flowers

Of my pure mind pious

At the feet of soul universal

Manifested as creation physical


End of the essence of Shri Bhaavaarth Deepika compiled by Swami Swaropaanand



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