Poetic Insight into Shrimad Bhagawad Geeta – 3

Big Picture

Creation a game god created

We are characters animated


Genetic makeup – “gunas” three

We act like robots unfree


Mind is free to wish and fear

Actual happening per software


Creation like frames cinematic

Each a big picture fantastic


Frame has many shapes and colours

To the big picture all contributors


Even blank spots are significant

Like colourful shapes magnificent


Everything belongs to its time and space

With nothing whatsoever out of place


Engage in doing duties warranted

As part of big picture ordained

Your experience only secondary

Not a purpose of actions primary


Your action and its fruition

All for Divine behind creation


That attitude leads to liberation

Binding is fruit expectation


Human life like holy fire ritual

Offer actions to God invisible


Big purpose is Divine ordained

Experiences are prasada sacred


(Note : “Prasada” is a small portion of the food offered to the deity and later distributed among the devotees.)



About kishorkulkarni

I am happily retired and enjoy writing and communicating with friends.
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One Response to Poetic Insight into Shrimad Bhagawad Geeta – 3

  1. Eashwararpanbuddhine karm karave ani prasadabuddhine phal ghyave..

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