Poetic insight into Shrimad Bhagawad Gita – 2

  • Bhakti



To god, one surrendering

His bodily ego dissolving


Likes and dislikes vanishing

Worldly identity disappearing


That is devotion, true bhakti

Another name for non-duality


God and bhakta no different

No desires of body impermanent


God consciousness, no cares of world

That’s liberation while living in world



Maya, Creator’s aspect illusory

Casts a powerful spell sensory


Gunas like genes in cells biologic

In terms of known theory scientific


Sattvik, rajasik, tamasik

Living beings’ natures basic


Ridding Maya spell, impossibility

Just surrender to God Almighty


Many paths to liberation spiritual

Bhakti is the easiest and universal



Change outlook completely

Discard worldly desires totally


Seek not pleasures of ego, bodily

Nor company of people worldly


Anger, greed enemies powerful

In the path to detachment total


Bhakti all about attitude mental

Not at all about rituals external



God needs only sincere mind

Not materials of various kind


Rituals and materials just physical

God, however, is transendental


Rituals may help focus the mind

On god, away from world unkind


Rituals may cause fear and doubt

About what is wrong, what is right


Hands busy in rituals elaborate

Mind wandering all over planet


That can’t bring benefit spiritual

Of liberation and bliss eternal


Engaged in normal activities daily

Mentally firm in life’s purpose godly


Mind engrossed in god eternal

That’s the true bhakti non-dual


About kishorkulkarni

I am happily retired and enjoy writing and communicating with friends.
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