(38) Vairagya

Three enemies – desire, fear, anger
To be vanquished by liberation seeker
Reduce attachments to life worldly
Then vairagya will establish truly
But vairagya cannot be acquired
It’s a gift from the Divine revered
To only a select few spiritual seekers
Among millions of worldly seekers
Dissolving limited identity bodily
Perception becoming Godly
Everything seems my own
I become the Singular One
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(37) Three gunas


Three gunas make up a being

Sattva, Rajas, Tamas ruling


Sattva founded on spirit eternal

Disregards body, world physical


Rajas works for ego, body sensual

Engaged for happiness ephemeral


Tamas knows not wrong from right

Shrouded it is in ignorance and sloth


Different gunas dominate at different times

Enlightened person unaffected at all times

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(36) Svadharma

Svadharma concept quite distinct

From dharma or religion extant


Svadharma way of life for individual

Towards liberation from life physical


Religion is collective principle

Code for coexistence peaceful


Every individual life predesigned

With distinct karmic role coded


Role enacted by genes underlying

In the drama of creation fascinating


Svadharma is individual way of living

Per one’s aptitude, situation, liking


Doing what is warranted at the moment

God conscious, without selfish interest


Follow svadharma, even if difficult

Or is likely to entail certain death


Paradharma avoidable, even if easier

For that, shun duality of pain, pleasure


Accept fruit of svadharma, sweet or bitter

Incur no sin, even by killing people score


Don’t compare your life with another

Don’t put in a round hole, a peg square


Do what fits your capabilities, limitations

Not solely out of desires’ compulsions


Desires bind to repeat life after life unending

Horse chasing sheaf of grass, never reaching


Everyone’s role fits the big plan of Creator

Abandon svadharma and mess up big picture

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(35) Spiritual Preaching

Self-realised person evolved spiritually

Shouldn’t try to preach to people worldly


Ordinary people deeply rooted in world

Perform karma with eye on fruit desired


To them, no desire for fruit, not acceptable

Why exert to convert the inconvertible?


Gita says its philosophy not to be shared

With those who are faithless, uninterested


Arguing with uninterested, without faith

Can make beginners doubt their own path


Engage in satsang, share with like minded

Let action set example for worldly minded


Select few sadgurus engage in preaching

As per the Divine scheme for redeeming

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(३४) आध्यात्मिक साधना

मुक्तीसाठी जरुरी नेमस्त जीवन । योग्य निद्रा, आहार, चलनवलन । ताब्यात राहील शरीर, मन । तरच होईल साधन॥
स्वाभाविक चंचल असे मन । कठीण त्याचे नियंत्रण । तरी असे शक्य प्रयत्नाने । त्याला ऐहिकातून बाजूस करणे ॥
मार्ग असाधारण का असेना । प्रखर मुमुक्षुत्व त्याची प्रेरणा । करण्या वाटचाल अध्यात्माची । धीर, चिकाटी गरजेची॥
ऐहिक इच्छा जी उपजावी । ती प्रथम तपासून पहावी । शक्य होईल तोवर टाळावी । मग कदाचित ती विरावी ॥
असेल गरज पुरविण्याची । तरच करावी पूर्ति तिची । कालांतराने इच्छा कमी होतील । अनासक्त मन हळूहळू होईल ॥
ध्यान, जप, सद्ग्रंथवाचन । आणि सत्संग नियमित साधन । मुमुक्षुत्व असावे जिवंत । योग्य वेळी होईल मोक्ष प्राप्त॥
साधनाकर्म आपले हाती । फळ सोडावे परमेश्वराप्रती । धीर न सोडावा कदापि । परमेश्वरकृपा होईल जेव्हां ॥
परमेश्वरी वेळापत्रक तारण्यासी । नसे माहीत आम्हां पामरासी । नशीबाने इच्छा असेल जरी । ठेवावे अनुसंधान ईश्वरी॥

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(34) Spiritual Practice

A moderate life is the foundation

For achieving spiritual liberation


Sleep, food and activity in moderation

To keep body, mind in right position


Agitated mind cannot concentrate

On spiritual contemplation in earnest


Mind naturally uncontrollable

But good thing it is amenable


To reform gradually and patiently

By detaching from interests worldly


Desire to pursue path extra-ordinary

Is the sustained impetus necessary


Don’t respond to desire mechanically

Analyse need to fulfill desire critically


Then desires will reduce gradually

To establish consciousness godly


Patience is the key in this pursuit

Nothing can happen in a moment


Keep desire for liberation burning

Practice meditation, contemplating


Leave the result to the will Divine

As per His time table and plan


Mind focused on god all-pervading

Each moment of acting or resting


Desire for this sustains in fortunate

Stick to the practice in real earnest

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(३३) आध्यात्मिक वृत्ति

जीवन अपुले वर्षे कित्येक । अनुभव त्यात अनेकानेक । वाटे सर्व कांही समजले  । शहाणपण पूर्ण आले ॥
पण ते ज्ञान केवळ ऐहिक । इंद्रियांनी मिळविलेले प्रापंचिक । नसे माहीत जन्माआधीचे । ना मृत्यूनंतरचे ॥
बलवान बंध भावनांचा । घटना, व्यक्ति, वस्तूंचा । जाणावे जीवन असे क्षणिक । कशाला चिंता भ्रामक ॥

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